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Q: What ia a disease that affects bahamians because of their diet?
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Sample of Investigatory research project related to heart diseases?

You could do a project about how exercise can influence heart disease. You can also talk about how diet affects heart disease.

Can my diet affect my chances of getting Rheumatoid Arthritis?

It is hard to find accurate signs of Rheumatoid Arthritis because they can occur and quickly disappear again. Dieting does cannot directly help because the disease affects your joints and muscles, not your digestive system.

What are the sIde affects of taking a expired diet pill?

there are no side affects from taking expired diet pills

How does diet relate to anticoagulants?

Diet is a very important consideration because the amount of vitamin K in the body affects how anticoagulant drugs work.

What effects your diet?

Your diet is what you eat and drink, so anything you eat and drink affects your diet.

Is their a diet for hypothyroidism with heart disease?

Suggest a diet for hypothyroidism patient with chronic heart disease.

What is more valuable to the human body acidic or alkaline?

Diet affects the pH of our blood.Our urine pH is an accurate indicator of our health.Acid-forming diets contribute to modern disease.

What risks of disease are reduced by maintain good nutrition?

By maintaining a healthy diet, you reduce your risk of heart disease and other common sickness because of the vitamins you are in taking.

Does diet sugar affect metabolism?

It affects everything

What are positive affects of a good diet?

You'll maintain a healthy weight, feel better about yourself, have more energy and be at a low risk for negative health effects like diabetes and heart disease.

Why do you have a diet?

That depends on what type of diet you mean. There are many types of diet. Some diets treat a disease or condition. Other diets are for optimum health. Others diets are for weight loss or weight gain. For example, there is a diabetic diet, diverticulitis diet, irritable bowel diet, Crohn's disease diet, acne diet, autistic diet, epilepsy diet, low carb diet, weight maintainer diet, weight gain diet, anti-Candida diet, food allergy/intolerance rotation diet, elimination diet, hypertension diet, cardiovascular disease diet, kidney disease diet, etc. .

How many disease can be affected by your diet?

Practically every disease can be affected by your diet. It is particularly important to have the correct nutrition with any illness.