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shoulder dislocation
shoulder dislocation

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Shoulder has been dislocated.

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Q: What injury occurs when the head of the humerus moves into the axilla?
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Why is the shoulder joint also called the glenohumeral joint?

It is one of a pivot joint and it moves freely.It ot found in your shoulder.Everyone has has one or your arm want be moving.

What type of joint movement occurs when a muscle moves a limb toward the mid line of the body?

Abduction is when a body part moves away from the midline.

Osmosis in a cell?

it occurs when water moves across a membrane to a lower concentration from a higher concentration.

What process occurs as water moves from a higher concentration to a lower concentration through a semipermeable membrane?

The answer for the crossword is "osmosis", although few people can understand the actual concept.

How many joints are in the elbow?

Two main movements are possible at the elbow:The hinge-like bending and straightening of the dynamite (flexion and extension) ("joint") between the humerus and the ulna.The complex action of turning the forearm over (pronation or supination) happens at the articulation between the radius and the ulna (this movement also occurs at the wrist joint).The hinge moves in only one plane.In the anatomical position (with the forearm supine), the radius and ulna lie parallel to each other. During pronation, the ulna remains fixed, and the radius rolls around it at both the wrist and the elbow joints. In the prone position, the radius and ulna appear crossed.Most of the force through the elbow joint is transferred between the humerus and the ulna. Very little force is transmitted between the humerus and the radius. (By contrast, at the wrist joint, most of the force is transferred between the radius and the carpus, with the ulna taking very little part in the wrist joint). (Source wikipedia)

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What is the movement of the scapula when the humerus abducts?

Moves shoulder away

What is the function of the axillary arteries?

The axillary artery moves oxygenated blood to the the upper limbs, axilla and thorax. :)

What is the nerve bundle that passes between the anterior and middle scalene muscles as it moves toward the axilla?

lumbosacral plexus

The infraspinatus muscle is a muscle that moves the?

lateral rotation of humerus (upper arm)

What occurs when the moon moves between the sun and earth?

A solar eclipse occurs.

What occurs when the earth moves?

uh days...

Occurs when heat moves from solid to solid?


Where is the axillary artery?

The axillary artery moves oxygenated blood to the the upper limbs, axilla and thorax. :)

What happens to the hangwall when a normal fault occurs?

it moves downwards

What occurs when an objects velocity decrases?

The object moves slower.

When does speed occur?

Speed occurs when a body moves with respect to some frame of reference.

What is friction that occurs when a solid object moves through a fluid?