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A pipette bulb allow a liquid to be sucked up into the pipette, so avoiding having to use your mouth to suck the liquid up. Apart from avoiding often toxic liquids getting into your mouth, it also avoids contamination of the liquid.

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In chemistry, a pipette is used to measure small amounts of solution in an accurate manner. The pipette bulb is used to draw the solution into the pipette.

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To avoid ingestion of chemicals.

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Q: What is a pipette bulb use for in chemistry?
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What is a rubber pipette bulb use for?

To transfer small volumes of liquid.

What is the accuracy of a 10 millilitre bulb pipette?

A bulb pipette class A has an accuracy of 0,02 mL.

What is a pipette safety bulb?

A pipette bulb is the rounded part of a pipette which you squeeze the air out of, then release to draw liquid into the pipette. If you are using a calibrated glass pipette, it will be a separate piece made of rubber which is fitted to the pipette. If it is a simple plastic pipette then the bulb will be made of the same semi-transparent plastic, and the pipette will all be one piece.

What is a Mohr Pipette used for in chemistry?

A Mohr pipette is a type of pipette that measures the volume of dispensed liquids. It is less accurate compared to a volumetric pipette.

What can measure ml of liquid material in chemistry?

We can use a graduated pipette, a small cyllinder, a burette.

Why bulb of wbc smaller than rbc pipette?

Rbc pipette is bigger than the wbc pipette to dilute the blood with fluid.

Difference between rbc and wbc pipette?

RBC pipette has graduations up to mark 101 while WBC has graduations up to mark 11. The size of the bulb of RBC pipette is larger than the bulb of WBC Size of the lumen(the hollow structure)in RBC is smaller than that of the WBC pipette

What do you call the squeezy thing at the end of a pipette?

The bulb

What is pipette made up of?

A pipette is either a glass or plastic narrow tube with a rubber bulb on one end. The idea is to put the open end into a liquid, after depressing the bulb. On releasing the bulb, a suction is formed and liquid is drawn up the tube. The pipette can then carry the liquid to another receptacle. On squeezing the bulb, the liquid is deposited into the new receptacle.

What is plastic tube for drawing off serum in chemistry lab after centrifuging?

a pipette

Why should a bulb be used on a pipette rather then your mouth when you are measuring a liquid?

I donno

How do you transfer any remaining solute into a volumetric flask?

by using a pipette and a suction bulb