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When a muscle reaches a point where it cannot shorten any farther it is has reached active insufficiency. A muscle becomes actively insufficient at the end of the range of motion that it produces.

Active insufficiency can also occur at a muscles lengthened state.

Either a shortened or lengthened state of a muscle can result in active insufficiency and thus reduction in force capabilities.

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Active insufficiency of muscles occurs when a muscle is unable to generate sufficient force due to being in a shortened position. This can limit the muscle's ability to contract fully and produce optimal strength. The concept is commonly seen in muscles that cross multiple joints.

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Q: What is active insufficiency of muscles?
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What is passive insufficiency of muscles?

Passive insufficiency occurs when a muscle cannot be elongated any farther.

What is active insufficiency of the biceps tendon?

Elbow flexiom

What is the Difference between active and passive insufficiency?

active sufficiency is the inability of a muscle to shorten enough to cause full range of motion simultaneously at both joints it passes whereas passive insufficiency is the inability to further lengthen to provide full range of motion at both joints.

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