What is mineral content of our bones?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is mineral content of our bones?
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Mineral is found in bones?

This mineral is the hydroxyapatite, a phosphate salt.

What important mineral is necessary for healthy bones?

Calcium is the most important mineral for healthy bones, especially for women.

Bones store salt of mineral?

Bones contain hydroxyapathite.

Is bone cell that maintains and monitors the mineral content?

Osteocyte cells maintain and monitor the mineral content of the surrounding matrix.

What mineral is needed by your bones?


What is a mineral that strengthen bones?

It is calcium

Which of these is NOT a mineral content of soil?


What chief mineral that makes the bones a hard tissue?

The main mineral is calcium.

Which mineral exists in your teeth and bones?

which 99% of this mineral exists in our teeth and bone

What mineral makes bones strong and hard?

Mineral salts from calcium and phosphorus compounds are essential for making bones hard and strong. calcium is the most essential mineral to make bones strong but not all bones are as hard as you think some bones are "Spongy" but we just dont notice it. hope this helps if you need to know this....

Long term effects of exercise on the skeletal systems?

•Mineral content of bones increases and bones get denser •Ligaments become stronger and stretch slightly •Cartilage thickens •Produce of synovial fluid increases.

What is the mineral found in the human bones?