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I am assuming you mean the small intestine as the large intestine only transports water. Nothing is needed it just uses pressure and sort of ssqueezes stuff through and also it is lined with villi which are small micro-structures and they make the surface area of the small intestine bigger and therefore it is easier for things to travel through it (:.

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it is starch

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Q: What is needed to keep food moving through the intestine?
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Why are muscle cells needed in the intestine?

So the intestine can contract and son the food passed through the gut can pass on

What is required in the diet to keep food moving through the intestine?

Fibre. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fibre. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What intestine does the food not pass through?

The large intestine

What moves food through to your stomach?

your large intestine and small intestine

Does the food go through the small intestine first or the large intestine first?

Partially digested food enters and passes through the Small Intestine before it goes to the Large.

Why do your body feel bubbling inside of it?

It's the sound of food and waste moving through your intestine making its way to your bowels. It can also be stomach acid breaking down food.

What happens after food has traveled through the small intestine?

it enters the large intestine

Tapeworms absorb food from the host's intestine through their?

The tapeworm does not have a mouth or digestive system so it absorbs food from the host's intestine through its skin.

Do digested food enter from your blood stream after it moves through the large intestine?

Yes, It does. When the food reaches the point that it is in the bloodstream, It goes through the large intestine.

Where does the undigested food leave?

Undigested food leaves the body through the anus. It goes from the small intestine to the large intestine and then exits through the butt hole.

What travels through the large intestine?

Food I think.

What moves food through the small intestine?