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what are tendons, blood, and fat are examples of

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connective tissue

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Q: What is tendons blood and fat are examples of?
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What are tendons fat and blood examples of?

what are tendons, blood, and fat are examples of

What is an example of connective tissue?

Examples of connective tissues include bone, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and adipose (fat) tissue.

What do you have in your arm?

Bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, fat, blood vessels and on the outside is skin. Even a thin person has a small layer of fat under the skin.

What kind of tissues are Cartilage fat tendons ligaments?

Cartilage, fat, tendons, and ligaments are all types of connective tissue.

What attaches muscle to fat?


Tendons and ligaments are examples of?

Connective tissue.

What are some examples of connectivity?

Connective tissues are based on fibrous proteins, and include bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and adipose tissue (stores fat). Blood and lymph are generally classified as "fluid connective tissue" although they do not have a fixed structure and are normally constrained by epithelial cells, such as those lining the blood vessels.

What are valve tendons for?

Valve tendons are located in the heart. Valve tendons are there for the specific reason to stop blood from flowing backwards.

What are the six major types connetive tissue?

Some examples include bone, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, adipose tissue, and blood. There are many more.

What type of tissue gives rise to sarcoma?

Sarcomas are malignancies that arise from mesenchymal tissues: (think of middle layers of body) bone, cartilage, muscle, fat, blood vessels. Examples are osteosarcoma-bone, chondrosarcoma-cartlilage, liposarcoma-fat, myosarcoma-muscle, and angiosarcoma-blood vessel.

What are two examples of functions of tendons?

Holding - at joints (check out all the tendons @ the knee) & Pulling - all the muscles connected to bone.

What is antihyperlipidemic?

promotes a reduction of lipid levels in the blood