Is tendon used to make blood cells?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Is tendon used to make blood cells?
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What is used to make the cells in the blood smear more easily observable?

Wright's stain

What is the inside of the bone that is a soft substance which is used to make blood cells?

Bone marrow

How are artificial cells used to treat blood poisoning?

Artificial cells are used to remove toxic substances from the blood.

What can red cells and platelets be used for?

Red blood cells are used to transport blood and oxygen to cells in our body while platelets clot blood when u are bleeding, to prevent excessive blood loss

Are blood cells produced by mitosis or meiosis?

No. Meiosis is when a cell produces a haploid, which is a cell with only half the number of chromosomes. Meiosis is only used for making cells used for reproduction. Red blood cells are created by mitosis, which is when cells make two copies of themselves and split into two identical cells.

Why are white blood cells used in blood transfusions?

White blood cells (WBCs) are another infection-fighting component of the blood. White blood cells are given by transfusion only rarely.

What organs have been treated using blood from the umbilical cord?

umbilical cord cell are stem cells that can be used to make other organs the cells are hematopic stem cells

What category of drugs is used to make new white blood cells to replace those destroyed by cancer therapy?

Drugs called colony stimulating factors are used to help the bone marrow make new white blood cells to replace those destroyed by cancer treatment.

What are the components of formed elements?

elements have there own properties and the are gases that are combined

What instrument is used to count red blood cells and white blood cells?

flow cytometry

What is a instrument used to cut a tendon?

Usually a scalpel is used to cut a tendon when doing surgery.

What types of stem cells are widely used in science today?

There are four types of stem cells widely used today. They are Embryonic stem Cells - from a Embryo or fetus. There is also, Hematopoietic stem cells what are adult bone marrow. There is Neuronal stem cells what are from the brain. Finally there is another type of bone marrow what is called Mesenchymal stem cells. The difference between Mesenchymal and Hematopictic stem cells is because of there Daughter tissues. Mesenchymal - Muscle; bone; cartilage; tendon and Hematopietic - Blood cells; brain.