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Ability to spread through fine pores

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Q: What is the ability of water to spread through fine pores called?
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How does the MRNA get out of the nucleus?

It gets out through the nuclear pores and enters the cytoplasm.

What are pores and where are pores on a sponges body?

Allow materials to enter and leave the sponge

What are the pores of a sponge called?

Small pores of sponges are called ostia through which water enters while a large pore through which water exits is called osculum .

What is the minute opening in human skin through which perspiration is released?

They are called pores.

What is a a stomata and where they are located?

Plants Carbon Dioxide from air through tiny pores of leaf.These pores are covered with 'Guard Cell'.These pores are called stomata.They are located in plants leaf.It is very easy answer

How do leaves releas water?

through small pores called stomata by the process of transpiration.

What opening in the dermis through which perspiration reaches the surface of the skin?

These opening are called pores.

Waste pass through pores in the cell membrane by a process called?

i dont know

What are the pores of a sea sponge called?


Does meth seep through pores?

Yes. It is correct to say that meth seep through pores.

Through what parts of the nucleus do materials enter and leave?

Nucleus is enclosed in double walled nuclear membrane. Nuclear membrane at certain distance have pores in them which are called nuclear pores. Nuclear pores are very selectively permeable.

The movement in white blood cells change shape to squeeze through tiny pores is called?