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Nucleic acid is a polymer. The monomer of it is a nucleotide.

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Q: What is the monomer of the polynucleotide molecule called?
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What are called monomers?

Monomer is a single molecule.

What is one molecule called that makes up the links in a polymer chain?

a monomer.

In DNA molecule how many polynucleotide strands are present?

2 polynucleotide strands make up a DNA and these strands are held togatehr by hydrogen bonds. In D.N.A there are 2 polynucleotide strands in R.N.A there is usually 1 polynucleotide strand.

What is a polynucleotide?

Polynucleotide is a molecule that is usually in DNA and RNA. It is biopolymer composed and usually has thirteen or more nucleotides.

What does the term monomer refer to?

A monomer is a molecule that can bond to other monomer molecules to form polymers.

Is glucose a monomer?

Yes. You are right. Glucose is a monomer. Because it is a single molecule.

What is the monomer for a lipid?

The monomer for a lipid would be 3 fatty acids and a glycerol molecule.

What is the job of nucleotide?

A nucleotide is the monomer of a nucleic acid. When many nucleotides go through polymerization, then they create a polymer called a polynucleotide. Which are the building blocks for DNA and RNA.

What is a molecule that may bind chemically to other molecules to form a polymer?

That would be a monomer.

What is the monomer unit of cellulose?

It depends on the type of plastic. Different plastics have different monomer units. PVC- Poly Vinyl Chloride has Vinyl Chloride CH2=CHCl as the monomer unit. Polyethylene has ethylene (ethene) CH2=CH2 as the monomer unit. There are many others.

What is a monomer for lipids?

The monomer for a lipid would be 3 fatty acids and a glycerol molecule.

How glucose is a monomer?

monomer means the sinlge unit or simpliest unit of a bond, glucose is the simpliiest unit a sugar bond is going to come down to and it is a monomer of other sugars which are disaccrides such as maltose and sucrose