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The joint above the hand is easy but it is called the wrist..

Come on seriously who doent knoe that?

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Q: What is the name of the Joint above the hand?
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What is the name of the joint between the arm and the hand?

... the wrist joint?... or Radiocarpal joint if you want to be scientifically correct

What is the name of a hinge joint in the hand and foot?

knuckleinterphalangeal joints and the joint between the humerus and ulna; the knee- and -ankel jointsKnuckle

Is the hinge joint in the hand and wrist?

No, the Ball and socket joint is in the hand and wrist. An example of a hinge joint is the knee.

What joint connects the arm to the hand?

The wrist joint, or carpus, connects the arm to the hand.

What joint connects the thumb to the hand?

saddle joint

What is the common name for Metacarpals?

Hand bonesMetacarpels are the five bones of the hand that make up the palm of the hand. This excludes the fingers, and ends at the wrist joint.

What is the name of the knuckle joint?

The knuckle between the palm of your hand and your fingers is the metacarpalphalangeal joint, the other knuckles are the proximal and distal interphalangeal joints.

What is another name for the knuckle joint?

The knuckle joints in the fingers are called interphalangeal joints. The knuckle joint between the bottom of the fingers and the palm of the hand is known as the metacarpophalangeal joint.

What type of joint is above the knee?

The hip is the next highest joint above the knee it is known as the acetabulofemoral joint. The knee joint is known as the patella and is the largest joint in the human body.

Leg joint above the knee?

It is not a separate joint it is your hip joint, the hip joint is a ball & socket joint!!!

Name the two bones of the hand that articulate to form a saddle joint?

Trapezium and 1st metacarpal

What is the leg joint above the calf?

the knee is the leg joint.

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