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The major determining factor in who gets acne is genes, according to Albert M. Kligman, M.D., Ph.D., emeritus professor of dermatology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia. In other words, you may have inherited a skin characteristic that makes you more likely to develop acne. You have thousands of oil glands in the skin on your face, chest, and back that lubricate tha skin by producing sebum, or oil. You have as many as 2000 oil glands per square inch in the central part of your face.

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Q: What is the reason of pimples on the face?
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Why do you have to wash your face?

The reason you have to wash your face is because, throughout the day, dirt and oils get on your face. These substances may cause pimples to show up on your face. If you wash your face, you will eliminate most of the unwanted substances. But, I guess if you want pimples, you don't have to wash your face! I would reccommend it though.

What is the reason of pimples on the face what can i do?

Pimples are pretty much caused by hormones which means you are growing up or sometimes it can be hereditary. You can prevent pimples if you use an acne treatment which are sold in most drug stores. I would recommend Proativ :)

Why do you have pimples on your face?

Your face has pimples because it produces an oil called sebum. If you don't wash your face regularly the sebum builds up and therefore causes a breakout of pimples.

Does a greasy face cause pimples?

Yes Because a greasy face can clog pours forming pimples

Why pimples comes on human face?

if we are eat more oil items, pimples come to human face..

Is getting pimples good?

No. Pimples is not good for face. It decreases the beauty.

Are you dirty when you have pimples?

Pimples are common during puberty, due to hormonal spurt. You do not look dirty, when you have pimples. Late teenagers go on thinking about the pimples only. Almost every body gets the pimples and that is certainly not a crime to have pimples. So do not go on touching the pimples and do not squeeze them. You look beautiful by smile of the face, even with pimples there on your face.

How do you remove pimples from your face?

Pop them and clean them.

What part of the skin do pimples form in?


How do you you remove pimples from face?

Pop them and clean them.

Pimples on face sign of puberty?


Does vasaline get rid of pimples?

No, in fact, it will probably clog the pores of your face, creating more pimples.