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This depend on type of microscope and in particular which specific model it is.

High power may refer to the microscopes ability to enlarge a lot, not that it actually consumes power.

In this understanding of the term, the microscope in question might have two separate but combined lenses of which the total magnification can be calculated from.

It may have an objective lens and an eye piece lens, both of which that might be changed in order to achieve greater or less magnification.

Typical configurations are:

Objective lenses of 1, 2, 3, 4, 10, 40, 100X magnification

Eye piece lenses of 5, 10, 15, 20X magnification.

If your microscope fits this configuration, then the maximum magnification you can achieve is 100x20, a magnification of maximum 2000 times.

The problem here is the wavelength of visible light. It does not allow for more magnification than approx 1500 times and even this is not a very detailed one.

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on how high the magnification goes on your scope. The highest setting on a 10x score is ten times normal....on a 100x scope, it's 100 times normal and so on. This applies to any scope--microscope, telescope...binoculars included in telescope category.

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Q: What is the total magnification using high power?
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What is the total magnification of the microscope when it is on high power?

Microscopes vary in power. You can determine total magnification by the eyepiece and the lens.

What is 10x and 40x magnification?

low-power magnificatin = (10x)(4x) = 40x high-power magnification = (10x)(40x) = 400x It depends on what magnification you are looking for; high-power magnification OR low-power magnification.

How is total magnification for an objective determined for your microscope?

The standard microscope is that the eyepiece is 10x magnification, and three types of powered magnification helps it magnify even more. Low power is 4x, Medium power is 10x, and High power is 40x. Eyepiece and Low power is 40x, Eyepiece and Medium power is 100x, and Eyepiece and High power is 400x magnification in revolance to the naked eye.

What is the magnification of a high power objective?

The oil immersion lens or objective has power 90X-100X and an eyepiece lens generally in light microscope comes with 10X so total magnification of oil immersion lens is 100X10 = 1,000

What is the total magnification of a microscope when the eyepiece lens by the magnification of the the high objective lens?

multiply the magnification of the eyepiece by the magnification of the high objective lens. for example, if the eyepiece magnifies x10, and the high objective magnifies x40, then the total magnification would be 400x

How to determine the total magnification when using any objective of your microscope?

Ask a jellyfish yea.....well if you don't have a jellyfish around when you need it, you can also look at the magnifier, so if a regular microscope has 4x under lwo power, it is 40x, due to 10x already when you look through the ocular piece. so medium power is 10x, would be 100 times magnified, and 40x for high is 400 times magnified.

How do you determine what the magnification of the specimen is?

In a light microscope magnification is varied by using different lenses to refract the light. In an electron microscope magnification is varied by altering the configurations of magnetic fields to bend the electron beam.

High power on microscope?

On a the microscope I use, the ocular (eyepiece) has a magnification power of 10x. The 'low' (or 'scanning') objective lens is 4x, the 'medium' has a power of 10x, and the 'high' has a power of 40x. Multiply the ocular by the lens you're using to get your 'total magnification.' TIP: Only use the coarse adjustment knob while on 'low' power, then use the fine adjustment. Why? If you use the coarse adjustment knob on 'medium' or 'high,' there's a good chance you'll crack your slide. -BugCrunch

What do low and high power objectives do?

the difference between the low power and high power objectives on a microscope are that the low power objective has a lesser magnification than the high power objective

Is the field of view brigther under low power or high power?

the view will be brighter under low power magnification...

Is it better to have a telescope with a high resolving power or a high magnification explain why?


Are both hair focused under high power magnification?