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what magnification is ontained with the high power objective

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Q: What is the usual magnifying power of the high power objective on your compound microscope?
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What is a high power objective in a microscope?

The high power objective in a microscope is the largest lens in the microscope.

What does the low objective do on a microscope?

The low power objective is small lens with low magnifying power.

What is high power objectives in microscope?

The high-power objective on a microscope is larger lens with higher magnifying power. (40x)

What is low power objective in a microscope?

A low power objective in a microscope is a Small Lens with Low Magnifying Power. A microscope head with two eyepiece lenses, one for each eye. Generally this term is used in describing a high power (compound) microscope. With a low power microscope we say "stereo" head because, unlike the compound microscope, the stereo has a separate objective lens for each eyepiece lens, producing two independent paths of light, one for each eye. In the compound microscope with a binocular head, there are two eyepiece lenses but still only one objective lens and you will not get stereo vision. Hope this helps.

How does the magnifying power of an electron microscope compared to the magnifying power of a compound microscope?

Electron microscopes are more powerful in terms of magnification, compared to compound microscopes. They are capable of two million-power magnification, while compound microscopes are only capable of 1000x magnification.

What is the function of the low power objective in the compound microscope?


Which microscope has the greatest magnifying power?

Transmitting Electron microscope has the greatest magnifying power.

When you put away a compound microscope what power should the objective lens be set at?

lowest power, i think 40x

What is the rule for the total magnification of a compound microscope?

Multiply the magnification or power of the objective lens times the power of the eyepiece and it equals the total magnification

What magnifies tiny objects?

The high-power objective lens; which magnifies the specimen about 40x (depending on the microscope) and the low-power objective lens; which magnifies the object about 10x. If you arn't familiar with the given terms then look them up, there are probably answers on this website.

What is the total magnification of the swift compound microscope when viewing an image under the lowest power objective?


What is low power objective for a microscope?

The lower power objective for the microscope is the small lense on the microscope. The size usuall ranges at 4x on the microscope.