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The waxy coating on leaves, known as the cuticle, prevents the leaves from drying out too quickly.

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Q: What is the waxy layer land plants have that allows them to survive on land?
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Which characteristics help enable plants to survive on land?

An adaptation plants have to survive on land is their vascular tissue. This allows them to absorb food, water, and nutrients through their roots. Photosynthesis also allows them to receive energy via natural sunlight.

How can plants survive in land?

Plants survive in land by the water

What happened after plants first became able to live land?

Adaptive radiation spread them into many land niches

What is an adaptations that helped plants survive on land?

Protection of seeds

What five things must plants do to survive on land?

to survive on land, plants must have structures that allow them to obtain water and other nutrients from their surroundings, retain water, transport materials in their bodies, and reproduce those are the five adaptations that plants need to survive on land

How did some organisms survive without change when glacial ice moved into North America?

Where the land was covered by the ice sheets, there were no organisms (apart form some unicellular plants in the top layer of ice.

How did the ozone layer move animals to land from water?

It didn't. The ozone layer permitted plants and animals to move from the deep water to the water's surface, and eventually to land.

Why is a cuticle a useful adaptation in plants need to survive on land but not algae?

To be more specific, it's a WAXY cuticle. Wax is non-polar, thus hydrophobic.This allows for plants to retain water. Algae do not need to because they're habitually in water.

Where do most aquatic plants and algae live and why?

aquatic plants live in water because they cannot survive on land

What vegetation is in the Simpson Desert?

there is a lot of hot land plants but no plants that have much water in it because the cant survive they need to be able to survive the heat buy themselves

How do wet land plants survive in marsh ground?

they survive by all the nutrience in the they adapt to all the water in the ground

What are five that plants need to survive on land?

For plants to survive on land, they must have ways to obtain water and other materials from their surroundings, retain water, transport materials throughout the plant, support their bodies, and reproduce successfully. :D