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Q: What is the white blood cell that stains a red or rosy color?
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What is a white blood cell that fights bacteria and stains neutral?


What Color is white blood cell?

Well- white, of course!!

What color is a neutrophil?

A neutrophil is white because it is a white blood cell.

What color cell attacks germs?

White blood cells (WBCs).

What color is a cell?

Depends on the cell. Red blood cells are redThere are two types of cells. Red Blood Cells and White Blood Cells.

What is the color of the white blood cells?


What does a white blood cell have that a red blood cell doesn't?

The white blood cell has nucleus that red blood cell does not

What is the difference between the red blood cell and the nerve cell?

the nerve cell is the white cell and it is white but it doesnt care as much blood as the red blood cell does that's the difference. Also, the nerve cell is the white cell and it is white but the red blood carries blood. Wait, I think the nerve cell is the white cell is white. White Cell=Nerve Cell*white. Cell=Nerve/White =;)

How much white blood do you need not to be a negro?

Cell count in your blood has no contribution to skin color. Skin color is dictated by melanin levels in the epidermis.

What is white blood cell?

White blood cell is a cell in our blood that remove germs in the bloodstream.

Is leukocyte the biological term for white blood cell?

Yes, a leukocyte is a white blood cell

What is the best definition for leukocyte?

A leukocyte is a white blood cell, and is a cell that travels in the blood and implements the body's immune response.