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The human and the plant cells have different structers Cell wall. It presence in plant cells but not in animal cells. It maintains the shape of the plant cells and protect in from bursting.

Chloroplast. Green pigment found in the plant cells that captures light for the process of photosynthesis. It becomes like a sac and occupies 96%or98% of the cell

And plant cells do contain mitochondria. They need to carry out respiration and need energy for growth and little movement too.

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First of all, we are animals with animal cells.

We are very different from plant cells, we don't go through a process of photosynthesis, we don't have a cell wall, we do not make our own food, plant cells are tightly pack together, and animal cells do not have chloroplast.......

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Q: What makes human cells different from plant cells?
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What makes plant and animal cells different?

Plant cells contain a cell wall and a vacuole, but animal cells do not.

Do animal cells have cell mambranes?

Yes. Animal cells are the same as human cells. Plant cells are a little different.

Why ar animal and plant cells different?

Plant cells contain cell walls, chloroplasts, and a permanent vacuole. Animal cells contain lysosomes. That is how plant and animal cells are different.

How are bacterial cells different from plant and animal cells?

Bacterial cells different from plant and animal cells is because plant has a cell wall and animal cells don't.

How do you compare a human to a animal cell?

The cells are very similar in structure, the only cell remotely different are plant cells.

What are the characteristics of Allium cells that makes it a plant?

Allium cells have chloroplasts and a cell wall, which is what it makes it a plant.

Why do animal cells look different from plant cells?

Animal cells are shaped differently from plant cells because they have different functions and have different parts like it doen't have the cell wall and the plant does.

Why are plant cells rigid?

The cell wall makes plant cells rigid.

What is the difference between human and onion skin cells?

Onion or other plant cells have a cell wall, chloroplasts. and vacuoles. Human or animal cells do not have a cell wall, just a plasma membrane, a flagella for locomotion, and no chloroplasts.

Why don't all plant cells look the same?

By definition, all human cells are animal cells. Different cells look different from others, no matter the organism. A human nerve looks almost identical to a nerve from a chimp, but a human nerve looks nothing like a cell from a chimp's muscles.

What are the different cells of a plant?

The three different cells of a plant are parenchyma, sclerenchyma, and collenchyma.

What are the different kind of cells?

Main cells: Plant cells, animal cells. Other cells Muscle cells, Nerve cell and many more!!