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I suppose microtubules could be analogous to the rebar and concrete that hold up buildings.

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Q: What part of the city is like a microtubule in plant cells?
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What does the microtubule do in a plant cell?

They move vesicles, granules, organelles like mitochondria, and chromosomes

Hollow tube that acts like a track?

It is called a microtubuleMr. Lloyd

Are microtubules found in eukaryotic cells or prokaryotic cells?

Microtubules are found in Eukarytotic cells. However, some archeabacteria have been found to contain microtubule-like structures but these are not true microtubules.

Do human cells have centrioles?

No they do not. Animal cells have centrosomes, which are defined as a pair of cetrioles. Plants do not have centrioles, so they cannot have centrosomes. Plants have microtubule organizing centers (MTOCs). Centrosomes (in animals) and MTOCs (in plants) are where microtubules of the spindle originate during mitosis

Do any other cells have chloroplast other than plant cells?

plant cells and plant-like protists contain chloroplasts.

Why do plant cells have bigger plant cells than vacuoles?

They're cool like that.

What are the names of some plant cells?

helloThe famous names of some plant cells aremeristamparenchymaxylemphelomsclerenchymaplus plant cells are real wankers like you xx

When are plant like protists like plants?

Plant-like protists contain chloroplasts, just as plant cells do.

Do animal cells have vacuoles like plant cells?

No they don't have.

How are plant cells like fungi cells?

they both have a nucleus

How are animal cells are differentfrom plant cells?

Plant cells are more square shaped, while animal cells are more round-like. Plant cells have a cell wall and chloroplasts while animal cells don't have either of these, and plant cells have a larger vacuole than animal cells. :)

Are genes present in plant cells?

Yes because plant cells go through Mitosis and Meiosis just like animal cells