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Chromosomes contain hundreds to thousands of genes in one very long strand of DNA. The DNA is coiled around proteins called histones. The DNA seems to form a bigger (of course on a very tiny level) part of the chromosome than the histones. Since DNA is comprised of genes, that means that over half of the chromosome is genes. The exact amount would depend on the chromosome.

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Only about 2%.

-Prentice Hall Biology Textbook 2008

pg. 349

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Genes make up only 2 percent of the human genome.

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More than 50% of the chromosomes are genes, rest of it the his-tones.

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Q: What percent of the DNA in your chromosomes functions as genes?
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What is the relationship between chromosomes and genes and between genes and DNA?

Chromosomes contain genes which are segments of DNA.

What is the difference between chromosomes and genes?

DNA is in genes, and genes are in chromosomes.

Are chromosomes a DNA molecule with many genes?

Yes, because chromosomes are full of genes and DNA

How are genes chromosomes and DNA related?

if a cat has 38 chromosomes in each of its body celss, how many chromosomes will be in each daughter cell after mitosis?

How are chromosomes and genes related to each other?

A chromosome is a long packaged DNA sequence. The human diploid (DNA From both mother and father) cell has 46 of these. A chromosome contains thousands of genes which are the sequences in the actual DNA that code for end products such as proteins.

Are chromosomes genes or are genes chromosomes?

Genes are stretches of DNA that contain code to make proteins. Chromosomes are made up of numerous Genes.

Explain how DNA genes and chromosomes are related?

DNA is the molecule that genes are made of. Chromosomes are the (arbitrary) clumping that genes form in cells.

Is a gene the same thing as a chromosome?

No - genes are sections of DNA found on chromosomes that encode for a functional product (like a protein).Chromosomes are compact structures of DNA and proteins.

What is the function of DNA chromosomes?

The main function of DNA chromosomes is to carry genes.

What are chromosomes and genes composed of?

Genes are composed of DNA. Chromosomes are composed of DNA and proteins. Genes are the sections of DNA which code for a functional product (such as a protein). Chromosomes are the compact, tightly-coiled form of DNA. These appear before the cell undergoes division/replication.

What are qualities of genes?

Genes are organized chromosomes. Chromosomes are what make the organism what it is. It is usually called DNA.

Are genes are made up of smaller molecules known as chromosomes?

No, chromosomes are made of genes and DNA. Gene sequences make up DNA, and this DNA is coiled up and makes up chromosomes.