What process makes oxygen?

Updated: 8/9/2023
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I am not sure that there is such a process that produces ATP and oxygen, however, there are 2 processes that produce ATP, while one reqires oxygen, and the other does not. The process that produces ATP and does require oxygen is called aerobic respiration. While the process that produces ATP but does not need oxygen is called anaerobic respiration.

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Q: What process makes oxygen?
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How does a plant make oxygen?

makes Oxygen by taking co2, sunlight and water and begins the process to make sugar for it self and makes oxygen which is waste to plants. This process is called: photosynthesis.

What the cell makes during in the process of cell respiration?


What is name of the process in the water that makes an oxygen?

Electrolysis separates water into its original components: oxygen and hydrogen.

What is the significance of the photosynthesis?

To produce glucose for the plant to eat

What is the process called when a plant makes its own food?

The process called as PHOTOSYNTHESIS. during that process they release oxygen also.

How is oxygen that you breathe different to the oxygen that makes up the ozone layer?

The oxygen that we breathe has 2 oxygen atoms in each molecule. Ozone has 3 oxygen atoms in each molecule which makes it a more powerfully oxidizing form, decaying to normal O2 in the process.

What is the process in which electricity converts oxygen into ozone?

The ozone created by electricity is still ozone.

Give the name of the process which makes lactic acid in the cornea cells in the absence of oxygen?

Anaerobic respiration

What makes a peanut burn?

Peanuts are combustible because they are composed of oils and carbohydrates. What makes them burn is sufficient oxygen and a temperature increase that initiates the process.

How do forest supply oxygen to the atmosphere?

Via a plant's process of making food called photosynthesis. Every plant takes in carbon dioxide, water, sun, and nutrients, makes it's food, and expells oxygen.

The leaf makes this simple sugar?

The leaf makes glucose through the process of photosynthesis. This glucose is then used by the plant for energy or stored as starch for later use.

Nails rust better in what?

The thing that makes a nail rust faster is precipitation.