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Q: What substance plays in major role in most chemical reactions in living system?
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What is importance of enzyme?

They carry out chemical reactions to the cells and breaks down things to be digested. They also allow many chemical reactions to occur within the homeostasis constraints of a living system.

What compound regenerates oxygen?

There are several methods used to in the process of regeneration of OXYGEN. It depends upon the system you are asking the question. 1) Biological Living systems (Plants) - Photosynthesis 2) Chemical Inorganic Reactions 3) Chemical Organic Reactions

What are chemical that can change the rates of chemical reactions in nonlivings system?

These chemicals are called catalysts.

When a chemical reactions takes place in an closed system?

Mass is constant.

What is a system of double membranes on which chemical reactions take place?


What chemical inhibitors are often used. And what chemical reactions are they used in?

An inhibitor is a substance added in a system with the goal to decrease the rate of reaction. Example: inhibitors added to decrease the rate of corrosion, inhibitors in drugs the decease the activity of an enzyme, etc.

Is oxygen a chemical change or a physical?

Oxygen is a substance, an element out of the periodic system.

When is a reaction said to be endothermic?

The chemical reactions that must absorb energy in order to proceed. These are endothermic reactions.

Where do chemical reactions occur in organic molecules?

Most chemical compounds do not combine with one another automatically, nor do chemical compounds break apart automatically. The great majority of the chemical reactions that occur within living things must be energized. This means that the atoms of a molecule must be separated by energy put into the system. The energy forces apart the atoms in the molecules and allows the reaction to take place.

What are two effects caused by a chemical change?

Two effects that are caused by a chemical change are changes from one substance into another. Another effect that can be caused by a chemical change is a change in the temperature of the surrounding system and substance, or a change in color of the substance.

Why is it called c4?

C4 is the code for a system of reactions to fix carbon in living organisms.

Can Gravity cause mechanical weathering?

because of the chemical reactions of the abiotic and the digestive system in your body