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Filled squares

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Q: What would represent a colorblind male in a pedigree?
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Does a circle on a pedigree represent a male?


What is the probability that a colorblind female and a normal color vision male will produce an colorblind offspring?

100% of all male offspring will be colorblind. 0% of all femal offspring will be colorblind.

Is a carrier for colorblindness is colorblind?

Not necessarily. The allele for colorblindness is recessive. For a female, in order to be colorblind she must have to recessive alleles for colorblindness. Example: XcXc would be colorblind. XCXc would be a carrier for colorblindness, but not colorblind. For a male, because colorblindness is a sex-linked gene, he only needs one allele to be colorblind. Example: XcY is colorblind. XCY is not colorblind.

What is the probability that a woman who is a carrier of the colorblind gene and a colorblind man will have a daughter who will be colorblind?

the colorblindness is usually not activited in a female body but is usually seen in male

What is the Shape used for a male in pedigree?


How is a male shown on a pedigree?

In a genetic pedigree, males are represented by squares while females are represented by circles.

What is the pedigry?

A pedigree is a diagram of family relationships that uses symbols to represent people and lines to represent genetic relationships.Pedigrees make it easier to visualize relationships within families are often used to determine the mode of inheritance of genetic diseases.Symbols in pedigree:Squares represent males and circles represent females.Horizontal lines connecting a male and female represent mating.Vertical lines extending downward from a couple represent their children.If the purpose of a pedigree is to analyze the pattern of inheritance of a particular trait, it is customary to shade in the symbol of all individuals that possess this trait.

How are females and males represented in a pedigree?

Easy box kind of a square=Male(boy) a circle=Female(girl) I am 100% sure about that answer

Symbol used on a pedigree to repesent a male who does not have the trait?

An empty square. One that does have the trait would have the square filled in with a color.

What would be the color vision of children if their mom is colorblind and their dad is normal?

Colorblindness is a recessive, sex-linked trait, and the gene that causes it occurs on the X chromosome. For the mother to be colorblind, she must have two copies of the gene and be homozygous recessive. The father, on the other hand, can not have the gene, because he (as a male) only has one X chromosome. So, if we let Xc represent the recessive gene for colorblindness and Xn represent the normal gene, the the mother is XcXc and the father is XnY. All of their children will receive the recessive gene from their mother. In the males, this means that they will be colorblind, because the chromosome they get from their father will by the Y chromosome. The daughters, however, will get the Xn gene, which is dominant and will override the gene for colorblindness. Thus, all of the couple's sons will be colorblind, and none of their daughters will be.

Why are there more men that are colorblind then women?

It has to do with the slight differences in the DNA, ANSWER Colorblindness is sex linked trait. Females are XX and Males are XY. The colorblind gene is only on the X chromosome so if a male has the gene on the X chromosome then he will be colorblind. Females can have it on one X chromosome, but not the other and not be colorblind; however, they are a carrier and can pass it on. For a female to be colorblind both X chromosomes must have the gene.

Why are men more likely than women to be colorblind?

Yes. Because the colorblind trait is a sexlinked trait and is found in the X chromosome that is inherited from the mother, men that only have one X chromosome will develop colorblindness if the trait is found in this gene. For a woman to get it, she would need to have the colorblind gene on both x chromosomes. Therefore the girl´s dad would have to be colorblind and the mother at least a carrier.