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fatty acids

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Q: When ketone bodies are present in the blood and urine in large amounts it usually indicates increased metabolism of?
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What enzymes are always present in a cell at relatively constant amounts?


What characteristics can differ in enzymes?

Enzymes are the substances present in the cell in small amounts that function to speed up or catalyze chemical reactions. Characterstics of Enzymes: * Chemically,enzymes are generally globular proteins. * Enzymes are catalyst that break down or synthesize more complex compounds. * Enzymes are only present in small amounts in the cell since they are not altered during their reactions. * Enzymes are highly specific for their substrate.

Explain why the TSI medium contains a lower concentration of glucose than of lactose and sucrose?

When any sugar is metabolized under anaerobic conditions (fermentation), there is increased acid production; thus the butt of the tube remains acid for a longer period of time. When glucose only is fermented, acid is produced throughout the medium but due to the relatively low concentration of glucose in the medium and the aerobic metabolism that is present on the slant, nitrogenous metabolic end products soon change the reaction of the slant to alkaline. These alkaline products neutralize the small amounts of acids present in the slant but are unable to neutralize the large amounts acid present in the butt. Thus, the appearance of an alkaline (red) slant and an acid (yellow) butt after 24 hours incubation indicates that the organism is a glucose fermenter but is unable to ferment lactose and sucrose. Bacteria that ferment lactose or sucrose (or both), in addition to glucose, produce such large amounts of acid that the oxidative deamination of protein that may occur in the slant does not yield enough alkaline products to cause a reversion of pH in that region. Thus, these bacteria produce an acid slant and acid butt. The inclusion of sucrose permits separation of certain Proteus organisms which ferment sucrose from the salmonellae since both of these groups of organisms are lactose-negative and both may produce hydrogen sulfide.AC

Explain the advantage in having an inducible enzyme system that is regulated by the presence of a substrate?

It is an advantage because when the substance is present, the genes responsible for it metabolism are turned on.

What does a negative result for a spore stain indicate about the organism?

A negative result for the spores stain indicate that the gram-negative organism is present. A positive result for a spore stain indicates that a gram positive organism is present.

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When ketone bodies are present in the blood and urine in large amount it usually indicates increased metabolism of?

fatty acids

What is the metabolism of glucose when oxygen is present is called?

It's called "Aerobic Metabolism"

What is the metabolism of the glucose when oxygen is present called?

It's called "Aerobic Metabolism"

Increased is a past present past particleor present particle?

Increased is the past tense of increase.

What is the present tense of indicated?

The present tense of indicated is:I/You/We/They indicate.He/She/It indicates.

Is protein present in large amounts in adipose tissue?

Adipose tissue is fat tissue, lipids are therefore present in large amounts.

Is have increased a present perfect?

Yes the form is -- have/has + past participle. My wages have increased. The price of petrol has increased.

Is respiration the metabolism of glucose when oxygen is present?

yes, cellular respiration

What tense indicates something that already happened but continues into the present and future?

The present perfect tense.

What is the term used for a biopsy that indicates cancer is not present?


What are the uses of ferrous?

the word 'ferrous' indicates that there is Iron present.

Present knowledge indicates that magnetism results from?

Spinning electrons