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Inside the lysosome. The lysosome contains digestive enzymes called acid hyrolases.

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in cytoplasm and all mitochondria

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Q: Where in a cell would you look for enzymes?
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How many copies of one enzyme are in a cell?

Enzymes can have varying concentrations inside a cell. If the need for an enzyme is small then few enzymes will be in the cell however if there a signal to the cell that would cause a drastic need for more enzymes then the production and thus the concentration would increase.

Speeds up chemical reactions in the cell?

enzymes help reduce the requirement for reactions to take place within the cell. have a look enzymes help reduce the requirement for reactions to take place within the cell. have a look

What is the cell organelle where digestive enzymes would be found?


What word would contain many enzymes and can digest an injured cell in an animal or plant cell?

Lysosomes contain enzymes and digest injured cells.Lysosomes

Why are enzymes important in cell?

Enzymes speed up chemical reactions in a cell. without enzymes, many chemical reactions that are neccassarry for life would either take to long or not occur at all.

What would happen to a cell if the rough endoplasmic reticulum was removed?

There will be no distribution and storage of enzymes in the cell.

What are the enzymes in a cell that help to break material down in a cell?

those enzymes would be in the lysosomes of the cell they would be things like amylase (breaks starch down) and pepsin (amino acids) and things like lipase (lipids)

What would happen if the lysosome were to open up in a cell?

Since lysosomes are vacuoles containing cell digestion enzymes, the cell would be digested from the inside out.

How many enzymes are in one cell?

There are lots of enzymes in a cell, and from cell to cell, it varies how much enzymes each has. Also some cells make enzymes and secrete it outside.

How would reactions be affected if enzymes were not present in cell?

enzymes are the catalyst that aid the reactions taking place inside our bodies. if there were no enzymes, our metabolic processes would slow down to such a rate that we would not be able to survive.

Would enzymes function in a person's cells?

Yes, cells contain many enzymes which are able to function inside the cell.

What controls reactions in a cell?