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Cerebrospinal fluid is produced by modified epithelial cells in the thin membrane that lines the ventricular system of the brain and the spinal cord. These modified epithelial cells are named the ependyma. Each of the cerebral ventricles has an associated choroid plexus ( which produce and secrete cerebrospinal fluid. The cerebral ventricles are interconnected spaces within the brain that permit the fluid to circulate in a specific manner. (see http:/ for an excellent diagram).

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Q: Where is the cerebrospinal fluid produced?
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Where is cerebrospinal fluid produced?

Choroid plexus

What is Cerebrospinal fluid produced by in the ventricles?

Cerebrospinal Fluid or CSF is produced by the ventricles in your brain.It protects and flows through your brain and the spinal cord. It acts as a cushion for them.

Is the Cerebrospinal Fluid produced twice as fast as it is removed?

no. that is incorrect.

Cerebrospinal fluid is formed from blood by the what?

Cerebrospinal fluid is formed from blood by the choroid. This is usually produced through the process of filtration of blood in the brain.

What structure forms the cerebrospinal fluid?

Cerebrospinal fluid is produced in the choroid plexus in the brain. The choroid plexus is located in the ventricles, in the center of the brain.

What is cerebrospinal fluid?

The cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) is a clear liquid produced in the ventricles of the brain, that fills and protects cavities in the brain and spinal cord.

Four chambers within the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is produced is the?

Two lateral ventricles, third ventricles and the forth ventricles produce the cerebrospinal fluid.

The four chambers within the brain where cerebrospinal fluid is produced are called?


What makes the cerebral spinal fluid?

Cerebrospinal fluid is produced by an area of ventricles in the brain called the Choroid plexus.

Is cerebrospinal fluid produced in the cerebellum?

Cerebrospinal fluid AKA CSF is produced in the brain by ependymal cells in the chorid plexus, though some of the CSF is produced around blood vessels and ventricle walls in the brain. It's not produced by the cerebellum, which controls a person's motor control functions.

Cerebrospinal fluid is formed by what?

The cerebrospinal fluid is formed by the ventricles of the brain. Cerebrospinal fluid is colorless and protects the brain from shock.

Where is cerebrospinal fluid located?

Cerebrospinal fluid is a fluid that circulates throughout the central nervous system. The cerebrospinal fluid is located between the brain and skull.

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