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This would only be apparent if the organisms are sensitive to One antibiotic and resistant to all others.

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Q: Which chemotherapeutic agents was most effective againts organism?
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Which antimicrobial agents were most effective against each organism?

The answer to which antimicrobial agents were most effective against each organism include neomycin, tetracycline, and chloramphenicol. Tetracycline can be used to treat pneumonia.

What is an anthracycline?

An anthracycline is any of a class of antibiotic, chemotherapeutic agents used to treat cancer.

Chemotherapeutic agents should be handled according to the?

Answer is A. material safety data sheet MSDS

Why chemotherapeutic agents are not effective against fungal infections?

Fungi are eukaryotic and are composed of rigid cell wall largely made of chitin which is a polymer of N-acetylglucosamine rather than peptidoglycan which is a characteristic component of most bacterial cell walls.

What research is being conducting on improving combination therapy for malignant melanoma?

Combining biologic or immunologic agents such as interferon with standard chemotherapeutic agents is under study and showing improved response rates.

How do you find antibiotic assay?

For determining the type of causal agent of infectious diseases and for checking their sensitivity to antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents in vitro by means of the inhibition zone determination method. The antibiogram allows rational and selective chemotherapy. The test discs can be coated with chemotherapeutic agents, placed on the innoculated nutrient agar and incubated. The size of the inhibition zone is a measure for the effectiveness of the substances.

What categories of medications is not identified as a high-alert class of drug antithrombotid drugs enteral nutrition products antiarrhythrnic drugs chemotherapeutic agents?

enteral nutrition product

How does marijuana help with cancer?

There have been recent studies showing that marijuana retards the growth of lung cancers. Otherwise, marijuana can relieve the nausea caused by the chemotherapeutic agents and help with appetite.

How can skin cancer be treated?

A few skin cancer treatment options are surgical removal of tumors, applying ointment that contains chemotherapeutic agents to the surface of the skin over a few weeks.

Which scientist contributed to the discovery of chemotherapeutic agents in the 20th century?

Paul Ehrlich, a German scientist, made significant contributions to the discovery of chemotherapeutic agents in the 20th century. He developed the concept of "magic bullets," which aimed to selectively target disease-causing organisms without harming the body. Ehrlich's work laid the foundation for the development of modern chemotherapy drugs used to treat various diseases, including cancer.

How is antibiotic differ from chemotherapeutic agents?

Antibiotics are effective against bacteria, usually by breaking down the cell wall. These are given to ward off infection after surgery or injury, or for diseases like TB that are caused by bacteria. Chemotherapeutic agents are poisons used to fight cancer. Cancer cells are "young" because they are rapidly dividing. "Young" cells are more vulnerable to poisons, and also radiation in radiation therapy. Antibiotics are fairly safe, although their misuse or overuse can be disastrous. They also kill "friendly" bacteria that inhabit every inch of your body. These friendly colonies help keep malicious bacteria from getting a foothold. Chemotherapy can be a very difficult experience. Although the target is cancer cells, the whole body is poisoned. This and radiation is why cancer patients so often lose hair, are nauseated, etc. A newcomer on this field is interferon. It is an effective antiviral. This type of drug gives therapy for diseases like HIV and hepatitis which are caused by viruses and are not treatable with antibiotics. Side effects can be bad flu like symptoms for 3-5 days after the weekly shots. Antibiotics are agents that are derived from certain microorganisms, and are used to kill or inhibit certain microorganisms, which is not synthesized in the laboratory. On the other hand, Chemotherapeutic are agents that are synthesized in the laboratory.

What are the type of biological agents that acts to destroy an organism by overwhelming the organism's ability to rid itself of the poison it produces?