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Q: Which component of genes perform most of the life functions and makes up most of the cellular structure?
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What is cytoplasmic organelle?

a structure in the cytoplasm organelles; perform various cellular functions

These areas of the cell are specialized to perform cellular functions called?


The structure of specialized cells enables them to perform?

their functions

Why do organisms cellular respiration?

Cellular respiration is one of the processes that cells perform. Organisms do not perform this process. Instead they perform respiration. Cells use cellular respiration to obtain one of the three sources needed for them to live- oxygen. Without this process, cells would not be able to perform other functions.

Why can protein perform so many different functions?

Because it is a principal component of all cells.

How is the microscopic structure of the liver adapted to perform its particular functions?

It regenerates itself

What cells perform different functions?

Different cells are different in structure because of their different functions (e.g. plant cells have cell walls because they don't have bones). Also, cells have different functions because they work together with other cells to create a working system (e.g. the human body)

Do earthworms perform photosynthesis and cellular respiration?

They perform cellular respiration but not photosynthesis.

Why do complex organisms need specialized cell?

Complex organisms need cells that perform many different functions. Complex organisms are capable of a lot of different things, and that variety needs to be supported on the cellular level. Without them, complex organisms cannot perform different functions.

Why is the leaf structure unable to perform the function of the tuber cell efficiently?

Because the leaf structure do not have the ability to store the starch molecules

What level of organizations do sponges have?

sponges have cellular level organisation meaning that their cells are specialized so that different cells perform different functions

Why are structure and function so importance in cells?

Function describes what cells do; in a multi-cellular organism the function is why the cell exists. And the structure makes it possible for a cell to perform its function.