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Correct Answer: C --- They are involved in the separation of chromosomes during cell division.

Explanation: Centrioles are involved in microtubule formation. The spindle that draws the chromosomes apart during mitosis is a microtubule structure.

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Microfilaments and microtubules

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Controlling passage of materials

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Q: Which is an important function of the cell structure in this model?
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How are proteins important to a cell?

They do most of the work in cells and provide structure, function, and regulation to the cell.

What is an organelle?

An organelle is a structure that is found within a cell and serves a specific function.

The function of a cell depends primarily on?

structureThe shape of the protein will determine the cell. It will also determine the function of the cell.

What is the different between the structure of cell and function of a cell?

The structure is how it's built and what it's built of. The function is what it does and how it does it.

How does structure relate to functions?

Cell structure determines cell function

What is a structure that performs a specialized function with a cell is?

Specialized structure that performs important cellular functions within a ... that helps the cell maintain its shape and is involved in many forms of cell movement.

The basic unit of structure and function in a living thing is a?

The cell is the basic unit of structure and function in a living thing.

What is the relationship between structure and function of specialised cell structures?

the cell's structure is based on what kind of function it's supposed to do.

What is a structure performing a speific function within cell?

A structure performing a specific function within a cell is called an organelle.

What structure in the cell performs a function similar to a function of the human lungs?

Structure 4

Why is the structure important for the function in cell membrane?

the structure of a molecule affects how it interacts with other molecules -apex

What function of cell is determined by its?