Who plant that cannot stand straight?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The plant that cannot stand straight due to its weak stems are called the climber plant. It climbs to other plants, trees, walls, or sticks to grow.

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Q: Who plant that cannot stand straight?
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What does a cell wall do for a plant?

It protects the plant cell and gives it the ability to stand up straight.

Do all vertebrates stand up straight?

No, infact some vertebrates cannot stand at all.

What organelle helps a plant stand up?

cellulose and chitin help plants stand straight up.

What does the cell walls do for the plant?

cell wall protects the plant cell and gives it its shape to stand up straight.

What does a plant stand up straight with water pressure?

a plant stands up straight because it is reaching to the light source which is usually straight above it. it will bend to the light if the source is not above it

Which molecule allow a blade of grass to stand up straight?

Cellulose, lignin, hemi-cellulose and fibres are all molecules in the structure of the plant cell wall that makes the plant (in this case a blade of grass) stand up straight. Polysaccharide

Why astronaut's cannot stand straight on the moon?

Gravity. No Gravity causes them to drift around and have no control over were they are going.

Plant cells are surrounded by a cell wall Animal cells are not?

Well, a cell wall gives the plant cell it's straight structure, which makes the plant stand up straight. Without a cell wall the plant wouldn't be able to stand up straight and feed from the sun. On the other hand, If an animal had a cell wall, it'd be too straight, so everytime i walked, its foot would snap. Hence why stems can be broken so easily

What is the Yiddish word for stay straight or stand straight?

The Yiddish word for "stay straight" or "stand straight" is "steyben" (שטייבן).

What does 7 PLANT stand for?

7th version of the plant stand

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We ties a stick on his leg and hand by which it stand straight

Do woodpeckers stand still or straight?