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Because of your immune system. Your immune system can fight off anything trying to do anything bad, Not all bacteria is bad for you.

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Q: Why can bacteria live in your digestive system without making you sick?
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How are bacteria in your digestive system helpful to you?


What is the good bacteria in your digestive system called?


Are people born without a digestive system?

People can't be born without a digestive system. It is a vital organ that your body needs to live. You will die without your digestive system.

Does the environment effect the digestive system?

Yes. Your digestive system houses numerous amounts of bacteria. These bacteria are not bad though, their colonies function in harmony to balance out your system Hope this helps

Is bacteria in out digestive system helpful?

Many bacteria in the body help eat many other things you might digest and will keep it from harming you.

Three ways that bacteria in your digestive system are helpful to you?


Where is good bacteria found?

In the human body "good" bacteria can be found in the stomach and digestive system.

What can bacteria and viruses in your digestive system lead to?

Bacteria in the digestive system are necessary for digestion and the production of vitamin K in the colon. Viruses rarely even make it to the stomach; they infect by reaching the bloodstream.

What happens to most of the harmful bacteria the enter the digestive system?

They are destroyed

Are bacteria in digestive system good?

I don't know. Maybe some is okay, but too much is too bad! :-( _______ There are roughly 100 trillion bacteria cells in the human digestive system that are beneficial to digestion. The individual species of bacteria is about 300-1000. If we did not have these bacteria in our system, it wouldn't work right, so it is very good to have bacteria in the digestive system. For instance, some bacteria in human digestive systems produce vitamin K and B vitamins which humans cannot obtain from foods. Or another example, if it wasnt for the bacteria in human stomachs, humans wouldn't be able to digest plant type foods, like vegetables.

In what ways bacteria is helpful?

There are good bacteria called pro-biotics found in the digestive system that regulate digestion.

What is the function of the colic bacteria in the digestive system?

The colic bacteria is for breaking down the solid food into digestible feces.