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If you fall asleep , you can lapse into a coma.

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Q: Why cant you fall asleep after being unconscious?
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What do you do when you cant fall asleep?

count sheep

How do you make sleeping potions?

you cant really make sleeping potions. you can make someone (or yourself) fall asleep by watching a really boring boring movie late at night and you will fall asleep :)

What is the difference between fall asleep and fell asleep?

Fall asleep is future tense Ex. I am going to fall asleep. Fell asleep is past tense Ex. I fell asleep.

What is the figure of speech in the expression he was out like a light?

To be knocked unconscious or fall asleep almost instantly. It comes from switching off a light. It goes out instantly too.

This drug is often prescribed by psychiatrists and family practice physicians for patients who cant fall asleep?

Answer is A. halcion tablets

What is the name of the disorder when you fall asleep when being too scared?

It is a form of 'narcolepsy'.

Why do my feet fall asleep while I poop?

Your nerves arent being compressed

Why do your feet tingle when they fall asleep?

your foot tingles when you fall asleep because the nerves are no longer being compressed so the feeling comes back with a prickly tingly feeling.

If you fall asleep while driving does your car slow down or speed up?

It depends... if you fall asleep your cars not gonna suddenly stop or zoom off. It could do either or stay the same speed. The point is that you cant steer! not how fast it goes. anyway... you shouldn't fall asleep at the wheel anyway. have a cooffe or something.

Why doesn't hypnosis work on all Pokemon?

some Pokemon have the abilitie amnesia which means they cant fall asleep no matter what you do

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They cannot fall asleep.

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