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the underside of the leaf loses water much faster

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the stomata is underside of the leaf
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why do most water loss usually from the lower surface of the leaf by transpiration

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lower surface

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Q: Why do most water loss occur from the lower surface of the leaf?
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Where is the location of the stomata?

stomata is present on a leaf's lower surface. but in plants that float on water, stomata is present on a leaf's upper surface, and the lower surface is protected by a coating of wax.

Why is stomata not on the top of the leaf?

Potomageton natans is an aquatic plant and its leaves are floating on water. The upper surface of leaf being away from water has stomata for gaseous exchange from air, the lower surface remains in contact with water, therefore, stomata are present on the upper surface of these leaves.

Number of stomata in upper and lower surface of leaf of hibiscus?

There are about 92 stomatas on upper surface and 39 stomatas on the lower surface. In a dorsiventral leaf number of stomata is more on the lower surface hence the above answer may please be verified

Is stomata found on lower or upper surface of leaves?

From what I know about plants, the leaves have stoma in the bottom layer. Stoma are holes, through which excess water moves out of during transpiration The weather, humidity, water potential gradients and temperature all affect transpiration rates.

How does vaseline on the lower surfaces of the leaves affect them?

A leaf covered with vaseline on the lower surface wont have any affect as the stomata are being covered with the vaseline but if it were on the upper surface it would shrivel because When a leaf is loosing a lot of water vapor , it exposes the least amount of surface area to evaporation so it shrivels.

Why do you use the lower part of the leaf to look at the stomata?

The stomata are only found on the lower face of the leaf. They connect to empty spaces within the leaf and allow exchange of gasses (CO2, O2) with the atmosphere. a process essential for photosynthesis, as well as transpiration (evaporation of water), which is critical for the proper absorbtion of nutrients through the roots (believe it or not!). These spaces do not occur on the upper (sunward) side of the leaf, because that surface is packed with photosynthetic cells.

What makes the leaf surface dark green than the lower surface?

because clorophyll is there

Why are there few stomata on the upper surface of most leaves?

small pores have on the leaves excess water transfer into the atomospehere incase there have have no the stomata (pores) on the leaf the plant will die.must the plant can must drain the water.So the stomata exist upper surface of the water.

Why does water roll off the surface of a leaf?

because the leaf is non polar or Because the leaf is coated in lipid molecules

Can a leaf have no waxy surface?

Yes a leaf can not have a waxy surface if it is so adapted. The waxy surface is designed to keep water off, and inside of the leaf. Leaves in the rain forest often have a waxy surface to keep from being constantly saturated in water.

What is the function of water in a leaf?

To support the leaf but more importantly to allow photosynthesis to occur :)

Why do coleus have hairs on their lower surface of the leaf?

To stop or slow down transpiration