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they have tails so they can penetrate through the cell walls of bacteria

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Q: Why most viruses that infect bacteria have tails whereas most viruses that infect animals and plants do not?
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Do viruses only infect only animals?

No, they dont, they can infect plants and bacteria too.

What are the viruses the infect bacteria called?

Bacteriophages are viruses that infect bacteria.

Viruses that infect bacteria are?


Viruses that infect bacteria are called?

the virus that infects bacteria is bacteriophage

What are viruses that infect bacteria called?

the virus that infects bacteria is bacteriophage

When viruses infect bacteria what is it called?

A bacteriophage

What are the harmful effects of human viruses?

Viruses are parasitic, they can infect plants, animals, and bacteria, and the can cause serious or not too serious diseases.They also infect specific tissue in the human body and cause disturbances in this organ such as flu virus

True or false bacteriophages are viruses that parasitize bacteria?

I wouldn't call bacteriophages parasites, but yes they are viruses which infect bacteria.

How bacteria and viruses are alike?

Both viruses and bacteria can cause diseases, reproduce, infect something, contain genetic material, and are single celled.

How can viruses be helpful?

Viruses that are harmless to humans can be used to infect bacteria or other pests eg rabbits

Are bacteria spread the same way as viruses?

Yes. Virus do infect bacteria. They are called bacteriophages. (bacteria eaters)

Where do bacteria and viruses live?

Viruses live almost everywhere around us in places such as the soil and air.Different viruses may infect plants,animals or even bacteria .Viruses try to gain access to the machinery in the cell in order to make more viruses.