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Kiwi are not found on any continent. They are endemic to New Zealand, an island country some 2000 km southeast of Australia.

New Zealand is not part of any continent. It is sometimes referred to as part of Australasia, or Oceania, neither of which are continents, but a geographic or regional groups of countries. It is on the tectonic or continental plate of Zealandia, which is mostly under the ocean.

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Kiwis live only on the continent New Zealand.

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Kiwi are found only on the islands of New Zealand.

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Q: What region do kiwi birds live in?
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What is the rarest flightless birds next to kiwi in Tonga?

Kiwi do not live in Tonga.

Are kiwi birds marine birds?

No. Kiwi are not marine birds. Kiwi are terrestrial birds.

Do kiwi birds live in Australia?

No. Kiwi are endemic to New Zealand. There are no kiwi in Australia, and nor are there any in Australian zoos.

Where in the US can you find kiwi?

Kiwi, which are small, flightless birds of New Zealand, do not live in the US.

Are kiwi birds domestic?

No. Kiwi are wild birds.

What shelter do birds live in?

Kiwi dig burrows and dens for shelter.

How long do brown kiwi live?

The Brown kiwi is believed to live for between 20 and 30 years, with some birds that live in protected captivity reaching 40 years.

Are kiwi fruits mammals?

Kiwi fruits are fruit. They are not animals. Kiwi Birds are birds, not mammals.

What is a group of kiwi birds called?

A group of kiwi birds is called a tribe.

Are kiwi birds gone?

No, they are not. They live in the wild, on protected islands and in zoos around the world.

What state do kiwi birds live in?

Kiwi, which are flightless birds endemic to New Zealand, are not found in any state, as New Zealand is not divided into states. Different species of kiwi are found on both the North Island and South Island of New Zealand.

Where are kiwi birds?

Kiwi are native birds of New Zealand in the south west pacific.