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It would contain the same total ion concentration as 0.0750 M Na3PO4.

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Q: A 0.100 M solution of K 2SO 4 would contain the same total ion concentration as what solutions?
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What happens to the concentration as the solution is diluted?

When a given solution is diluted, it concentration is usually lowered as well. The density of the given solution also changes when the solution is diluted.

What quantities are compared when the concentration of a solution is measured?

In science, concentration is the number of moles of solute divided by the total volume of the solution (not just the volume of the solvent). Concentration units can also include the percentage solute to the total mass of the solution; the parts per million, ppm of the solute compared to the total parts present.

What amounts do you compare when measureing concentration?

To measure concentration, you compare the amount of the solute to the total amount of the solution.

What is concentration solute?

In relation to solute concentration,which way will the water flow

What is the difference between a dilute solution and concentrated solution?

'Dilute' means LOW and 'Concentrated' means HIGH concentration of solute(s)

What is the total dilution factor from 1.00 M NaCl to 1.00 M NaCl solution?

The concentration is the same !

What is the total mass of solute in 1000 grams of solution having a concentration on 5 ppm?

.005 grams

What is the total concentration of ions in a 0.750 M solution of HCl?

1.5 M Don't know how to get it though.

What happens to the red blood cells when mix with salt solution?

Red blood cells that are put in a dilute salt solution swell because of osmosis. This process causes red blood cells to swell in hypotonic solutions because the liquid tries to dilute the cells' solution since it tries to equalize the solution's tonicities.

One mole of each what compounds is added to water in separate flasks to make 1.0L of solution Which solution has the largest total ion concentration?

Potassium Phisphate

What is the total molar concentration of ions in a 1.240 M solution of CH3OH?

CH3OH does not ionize because it is insoluble in water

What happens in a hypotonic solution?

A hypotonic solution is a solution that has less solute and more water than another solution. The concentration of total dissolved solutes is not equal on both sides, there will be net movement of water molecules into the cell.