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33% by mass

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Q: If a 25 g sample of sugar was dissolved in 50 g of water The concentration of the solution is?
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A 20.0-g sample of sugar is dissolved in 59.8 g of water. What is the concentration of the solution?

25 percent by mass

What is a solution concentration?

It is a mixture that has a large amount of solute dissolved in it. solute: eg: sugar. Solvent: eg: water.

How many grams of sugar must be dissolved in 150 mL of water to make a solution that has a concentration of .6 g?

For a concentration of 0,6 g sugar/1000ml: 15 ml for 150 mL.

What's the solution of different concentration?

You and two friends sit down to a cup of coffee. You stir in one spoon of sugar, your friends stir in two and three spoons of sugar. The sugar has dissolved, so you are looking at three solutions of different concentration.

Is sugar dissolved in water is it a mixture but not a solution?

1. Sugar dissolved in water is a homogeneous solution.2. A solution is a form of mixture.

Is sugar dissolved in water a solution?

Yes, this is a water solution.

Is sugar solution a compound or mixture?

It's a solution, since the sugar is dissolved in water.

Why is the sugar is an ex of solution?

Sugar is totally dissolved in water.

When sugar is dissolved in water to form a sugar solution what name do we give to the water?

Sweet water. Saturated or unsaturated solution, depending on the amount of sugar dissolved in the water.

What is the product when sugar is added in water?

Sugar dissolved in water produces a sugary solution. The more sugar dissolved in the water, the thicker the solution will become - like a syrup.

A sugar solution contains 26g of sugar in 50 L of solution. What is the concentration in g L?

The concentration of sugar in the solution is 0.52 g/L.

What is a sugar solution?

Sugar in water forms a sweet syrup. The more sugar dissolved into the water the thicker (and more syrupy) it will become.