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Since water can only dissolve so much salt, 1.4 kilograms of salt per gallon of water to be exact, before any additional salt will remain isolated from the water in the form of salt crystals. So, as water evaporates from a saline solution (salt dissolved in water) there is less and less water for the salt to dissolve in. Eventually, the amount of salt in solution exceeds the maximum amount that the remaining water can dissolve. Once this point is reached, the excess salt starts to precipitate out in the form of salt crystals. These crystals continue to grow as more and more of the salt is displaced from the water.

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Halite is the mineral that we call table salt and is formed by the evaporation of fluids that are saturated in the elements that salt is made of, specifically sodium and chlorine.

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No, Salt Water Lakes.

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the funtions

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Q: Are halite crystals formed when fresh lake water evaporates?
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Do halite crystals form when fresh water evaporates?

Halite is rock salt. Even some fresh water lakes have Na+ and Cl- dissolved in them, so I would guess that yes, some halite forms. But probably not all that much compared to a salt lake evaporating.

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