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Yes it can by using a special aluminum rod for the DC welder, but it is very difficult to do without a lot of practice. Much easier using a mig welder with a spool attachment.

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Yes, aluminum can be welded with dc current. The tig process will require ultra pure helium for optimal results.

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yes but it also dependes on what type and it is very hard

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Hello. You cannot weld aluminum with a DC tig. You need an AC machine. Go get an old Oxy-Acetylene torch and some rod. Practice makes perfect.

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Q: Can you weld aluminium with a dc tig welder?
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Can you tig weld with a miller thunder bolt 230amp welder?

Is this a gasoline or diesel powered unit? If so the lag time between striking an arc and establishing an arc makes it difficult to use for TIG. If not, any DC supply can be set up for TIG. Not for aluminum... Check with your welding supplier.

Do you tig weld on dc straight or reverse polarity?

Tig is always done in straight polarity, i.e. electrode negative. reason: almost 2/3rd of the heat is generated in positive terminal of weld, in this case the base metal and the rest in the negative terminal, in this case the tungsten electrode. Also you don't want to deposit the tungsten electrode in the weld, do you?

What is cheaper to buy ac or dc welder?

A dc welder is a lot cheaper by fair of the two

Im thinking of buying a Lincoln ACDC 225125 stick welder and I just wanted to know if you could use this welder for tig as well So if anyone knows anything about this please let you know?

Any DC machine can be set up to utilize the GTAW (TIG) process on most metals except aluminum. Adding a torch and gas supply (Argon) is all that is needed. You will have to scratch start the arc and guess (trial and error) how much amperage to use. I've worked production jobs this way. Tungstens tend to become contaminated more often and have to be sharpened more often. Remember, "stick" welding electrode holders use the positive + outlet and TIG welding torches connect to the - negative outlet. You have to plug the ground clamp into the + to TIG weld.

Where can one buy an AC DC TIG welder?

Northern Tool and Equipment, as well as Industrial Gas and Supply are two excellent sources for this type of product. Sears also sells welders. Online, they are available from Amazon.

What type of welding can you do with an ac welding machine?

You can do Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick) with an appropriate electrode. If the machine has a high frequency arc stabilizer then you can also TIG (tungsten inert gas) weld aluminum. Wire feed processes require a DC machine

What is the difference between an arc welder and a stick welder?

Stick welding is also more difficult to learn and use, particularly the ability to strike and maintain an arc. Arc welders are available in AC, DC or AC/DC, with AC being the most economical. It's used for welding thicker metals of 1/16 inch or greater.

What is the Purpose of an ac welder?

It produces alternating current AC. It is cheaper to build than a DC or an AC - DC welder. Most electrodes can be used with DC. Some can be used for both. Very few are AC only. DC produces a smoother arc, is easier to strike an arc and most machines in industry are DC. Surprisingly a lot of AC machines are on farms as they were cheaper to buy.

Can a DC motor be turned into a welder?

A dc is an acronym for direct current & 2 be put in to use,changed to ac which could then be used in welding

What is the difference in AC welding machine and DC welding machine?

Alternating current flows from the welder through the torch into your welder, through the grounding cable, and back into your machine. It then flows in the exact opposite direction. The result is deep penetration, and removal of impurities in the weld. It is used mainly on aluminum and alloys. Direct current has both a positive and negative setting: the difference is the direction of the current. One flows from the welder, through the torch, through the material and back into the ground; the other flows in the opposite direction.

Why is dc welding develop?

we will have straight polarity and reverse polarity,we can produce the weld with good quality

Why Dc welding sets are prefered over AC welding sets?

Often because with DC, it is possible to change the direction of the weld current for the task at hand.