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CuO which is Copper(II) Oxide

so... Cu(OH)2 + heat -----> CuO

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Copper hydroxide will decompose under strong heating to form copper(II)oxide and water.

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Q: Copper II Hydroxide to Copper II Oxide?
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What is the color of precipitate of copper II oxide from copper II hydroxide?

Well if u want the colour of precipitate of Copper II Oxide, that would be black, if its Copper I Oxide then its Red

What happens when oygen and copper react?

You get copper (I) oxide which is red and copper (II) oxide that is black. Copper (II) oxide is more stable. In moist air it also forms copper hydroxide and copper carbonate giving the known green color.

What does copper II carbonate and limewater form?

These two compunds form Calcium Hydroxide and Copper oxide

What is the balanced symbol equation for the conversion of copper II hydroxide to copper II oxide using heat?

Cu(OH)2 => CuO + H2O.

What is the name of Cu2O?

CuO = Cupric Oxide Cupric = Cu2+ and is not Cu The correct answer would be CuO = Copper Monoxide Copper (II) oxide is the name of the compound CuO.

What is the correct name for the compound with the formula Cu OH 2?

The formula is Cu(OH)2 meaning that there are 2 oxygens and 2 hydrogens, not just 2 hydrogens. The compound is called Copper (II) Hydroxide.

What is the formula for copper(II) oxide?

Copper(I) Oxide: Cu2O (cuprous oxide)orCopper(II) Oxide: CuO (cupric oxide)it can be both.

What is copper hydro oxide?

Copper hydroxide is Cu(OH)2

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of sulphuric acid and copper oxide?

This will depend upon which version of copper oxide you have - copper I oxide or copper II oxide. For copper I oxide: H2SO4 + Cu2O --> Cu2SO4 + H2O For copper II oxide: H2SO4 + CuO --> CuSO4 + H2O

what is the balanced equation for copper(II)oxide and potassium chloride?

The balanced equation for copper(II) oxide and potassium chloride is CuO + 2KCl → CuCl2 + K2O When copper(II) oxide reacts with potassium chloride then it forms copper(II) chloride and potassium oxide.

What colour is copper oxide and why?

Copper has two oxides. Copper (I) oxide is red, while Copper (II) oxide is black.

Copper and oxygen react to form copper II oxide?

Rust? The two different types of bonds between the copper and oxygen in copper oxide are: Copper(II)Oxide CuO Copper(I)Oxide Cu2O