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a decrease in the vapor pressure of the liquid

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Q: Dissolving an electrolyte in water results in the formation of?
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Why are salts electrolytes?

Sodium chloride is an electrolyte in water solutions or when is melted because is dissociated in ions.Because salt is dissociated in ions during dissolving in water.

Is calcium iodide an electrolyte?

Yes: dissolving in water giving complete electryte solution: CaI2 --> Ca2+ + 2I-

Show how each what strong electrolytes breaks up into its component ions upon dissolving in water NaBr?

Na+, Br-

Is sugar water an electrolyte or non electrolyte?

Its a non electrolyte.

What are the functions of minerals in the body?

They are inorganic catalysts in biochemical reactions. They are also useful in electrolyte and water balance, as well as bone formation, collagen formation, and wound healing.

Sugar dissolving in water is an example of what process?

The formation of a solution, in which sugar is the solute, and water is the solvent.

What are 4 list of chemical change?

Formation of rust. Burning Wood. Dissolving water into Carbon Dioxide. Digesting food. Hope this helps :)

Is corn syrup a strong weak or non-electrolyte?

Glucose is a NON-ELECTROLYTE. Since it doesn't dissociate to give ions in a solvent such as water. Since glucose dissolves as intact molecule in water therefore on dissolving 1 mole of glucose in 1 L water we should get 1 molar solution of glucose.

Is salt water an electrolyte or nonelectrolyte?


What kind of chemical compounds do salt and water form?

They don't. The dissolving of salt in water is not the formation of a new compound, but rather merely creating a uniform mixture. It is not a new substance.

Is dissolving in water physical or chemical?

Dissolving in water is a physical change.

Is dissolving in water a chemical change?

Dissolving in water is a physical change.