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yes and no and maby or not

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Q: Do hotel beds need plastic mattress cover?
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Does serta make a special mattress for motelhotels that is not available to the public?

No, Serta does not make a special Hotel mattress. The company you are referring to is Simmons. They manufacture the mattress called: The W-hotel (Westen hotel bed). Simmons also offers the "heavenly" bed. These beds are sold BY Westin Hotels, and can be arranged for delivery THROUGH 1800-mattress (

Where can I find some mattress covers?

You can find mattress covers at the IKEA. IKEA has a lot of mattress covers in different colors and shapes, but they are a little bit basic. If you want a more unique mattress cover you should go to a shop that sells beds.

Do mattress bags come in different sizes?

Mattress bags are bags which hold mattresses for storage or moving. Fortunately, mattress bags come in a few different sizes. These bags are made for single beds, twin beds, queen size beds, and king size beds.

Where can I buy the best beds for my hotel guests?

Currently Serta is the number one hotel mattress provider. They offer a purchase program to hotels which includes better pricing for order a larger quantity of mattresses at once.

How do platform beds differ from regular beds?

A regular bed usually has a set of box springs under the mattress. A platform bed just has slats supporting the mattress. Also, beds with box springs are also higher off of the ground than platform beds.

What mattress companies sell dual sided mattress?

InnoMax - America's Finest Sleep Products has numerous beds that are dual sided. Available in all support types - Digital Air Beds, Latex Mattresses, Memory Foam Beds, Waterbeds & Coil Beds!

Do they have kind size platform beds at mattress USA?

Yes the do have king size beds at mattress usa. Depending on where you are at it is best to call and see if they have any in stock. Most likely they will.

What is beds made of?

Beds are made of all sorts of things. Most modern beds consist of a soft, cushioned mattress on a bed frame, with the mattress resting either on a solid base, often wood slats, or a sprung base.

Where can one purchase a triple bunk bed?

One can purchase a triple bunk bed from the following sources: Tesco Direct, Hotel Contract Beds, Bedz R Us, Mattress Next Day, Simply Kids Beds, Wayfair, eBay, Amazon.

Do you ever donate hospital type beds with mattress included?

No, we do not.

Are toddler beds and cribs the same size?

yes the mattress is

Where can one purchase Silent Night beds in the UK?

Silent Night beds can be purchased at Argos, Amazon, Mattress Company United Kingdom, Sainsburys, Big Brand Beds, Mattress Next Day, as well as many local retailers.