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True, if it contains more than one is is not a single element but a combination of elements.

We should include one caveat: elements can have different isotopes of that element. By one definition all the isotopes are still the same "type" of atom since they all have the same number of protons even if they differ in the number of neutrons. If the number of protons differs you no longer have the same element.

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Q: Does an element contain only one type of atom . true or false?
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How many atoms are in an atom?

An atom of a chemical element contain only atom.

Contains only one type of atom it is found on the periodic table?

All elements in the Periodic Table contain only one type of atom.

How is an atom related to an element?

Elements and atoms are related because elements contain only one type of atom.

What Elements contain only one type of atom?

By definition, an Element contains only one kind of atom - atoms of that element. If it has more than one kind, it is a compound, not an element.

Does and element only contain on kind of protein?

An element contains no protiens. An element is made of only one type of atom. Protiens are made up of elements.

Does copper only contain one sort of atom?

Copper is an element. An element consists of one type of atom. If there is more than one type of atom it can be a mixture of elements, or it could be a compound or alloy, but not an element.

What elements are contained in a cancer atom?

There is no such thing as a cancer atom as cancer is not an element or even a substance. Cancer is a disease. An atom can belong to only one element and cannot contain others.

Are iron atoms pure iron?

Yes, atoms of any element contain only that element. It is impossible to have an impure atom.

Electrons are the smallest particle of an element that retains the original characteristics of the element?

No. This is a definition of an atom. Electrons are only part of atoms.

True or False an atom is the smallest part of a compound that may still be identified as the compound?

False. A molecule is the smallest part of a compound that can still be indentified as a compound as it may contain several atoms of different elements. A single atom can only identify a single element, not a compound which it may have been a part of.

What atom only contains one element?


What contains only one type of atom in the periodic table?

hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, anything on the periodic table with only one letter for its symbol