Examples of sublimation

Updated: 8/10/2023
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The "fog" generated from dry ice is a prime example of sublimation. Dry ice is actually solid carbon dioxide, which at room temperature goes directly from solid to gas, producing a fog-like effect.

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mothballs, it is a solid, with a smell, if you can smell it it has to be in the air a gas, if has not melted and boiled first and is not a dust scattered in the air then it must have sublimed. ( gone directly from a solid to a gas)

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iodine, moth balls, dry ice. bathroom deodorizer

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Q: Examples of sublimation
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Give you an examples of sublimation in science?

The opposite of sublimation, where a solid changes to a gas is called deposition, NOT SUBLIMATION! Hope that clears it up :).

Can you give me 5 examples of sublimation?

6 examples of sublimation are: *dry ice *naphthalene *Camphor *Iodine *zinc chloride *nepthalene ball

What are some examples of sublimation other than dry ice?


What does changes in matter mean?

Examples are: freezing, liquefaction, sublimation, boiling.

What do you meant by sublimation also give example?

Sublimation is the process of direct transformation of a solid in a gas: examples are iodine, naphthalene, dry ice, camphor.

What actions brings about physical change?

Examples: sublimation, melting, evaporation etc.

What is phyiscal change of matter?

Examples: boiling, freezing, sublimation, evaporation, deposition etc.

What is the processes needed to change the state of matter?

Examples : sublimation, deposition, boiling, melting, freezing.

From what state does sublimation change to?

Sublimation causes a change from solid straight to liquid or vica-verca, skipping the liquid phase altogether. Examples are mothballs and dry ice (frozen CO2).

Which is a example of a physical change?

Examples; melting, boiling, sublimation, grinding, polishing, extruding, pressing, etc.

Change of state of solid to gas?

The process is called sublimation. Solids can turn directly into gases, and gases can turn directly into solid without ever being a liquid. Carbon dioxide (dry ice) is a common example of this. Other examples are mothballs, solid air fresheners (Air Wick), and iodine.

What are natural examples of sublimation?

Icicles in cold weather and sunlight; the CO2 polar caps on Mars; Iodine crystals.