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Emu cannot fly but pegion

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Q: How is emu and pegion different from each other?
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Does Ostrich resemble emu?

Superficially, yes - the ostrich and emu resemble each other a great deal.

What is another name for an emu?

There is no other name for an emu. It is an Australian flightless bird. It is not an ostrich, or a cassowary, or a kiwi. It is just an emu.

How are emu's bones different from a seagull's bones?

the emu's bones are skinny and the seagull 's bones are thick.

How many fingers does an emu have?

An emu does not have fingers.It does, however, have three toes on each foot, unlike its fellow ratite, the ostrich, which has two toes on each foot.

What are the different Australian animals used on these emblems?

kangaroo and emu

How does an emu obtain oxygen?

The emu breathes through the nostrils in its beak, breathing air into its lungs, as other birds do.

Where can you get EMU boots?

You can get emu boots and macy's or any other shoe shop. they are better than uggs and cheaper!

How is an emu different from other birds?

Emus have powerful legs and their toes are each equipped with a sharp clawThey are the second largest flightless bird, second only to the ostrichThey cannot flyThe male incubates the eggs and raises the chicks

What is an emu chicken?

An emu chick is a baby emu.

Where are Emu found?

In a emu nest, protected by the male emu.

What material are Emu Boots made of?

Emu Boots produces the popular Ugg brand boots known worldwide. The boots are manufactured in Austrailia and are made from sheepskin, not emu. The Emu brand company also sells other clothing items, not just boots.

Where are emu eggs found?

In a emu nest, protected by the male emu.

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