How azolla used as a biofertilizer?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A. caroliniana was introduced to southeast Asia as a bio-fertilizer and weed suppressor in rice fields. For centuries this species has been exploited for its ability to fix nitrogen through its symbiotic bacteria that exists in cavities within the leaves. Additionally, weeds are suppressed because very little usable light is transmitted through the canopy that A. caroliniana creates. This quality translates into more nutrients for the plants being cultivated above surface. Control of this species is easy because it floats on the top of the water; there are no roots attached to anything but the plant itself. The ease of removal makes this a great species to use for such an application. When the time comes to remove the A. caroliniana, the unwanted plants are collected by simply skimming them from the surface.

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Q: How azolla used as a biofertilizer?
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What is a biofertilizer?

A biofertilizer is any variety of biologically-produced fertilizer.

What is the scientific name for azolla?

Azolla Pinnata

When was Azolla primaeva created?

Azolla primaeva was created in 1890.

When was Azolla filiculoides created?

Azolla filiculoides was created in 1783.

What has the author Thomas A Lumpkin written?

Thomas A. Lumpkin has written: 'Azuki bean' -- subject(s): Azuki, Utilization 'Azolla as a green manure' -- subject(s): Azolla as fertilizer, Azolla, Rice, Fertilizers, Azolla as feed

What are the methods of Production and development of biofertilizer?

A biofertilizer is a biological fertilizer. Meaning, it is not composed of chemicals. Some biofertilizers include horse and chicken manure.

Where do azolla live?

Azolla is a type of fern that has been around since the time of the Dinosaurs. It is a bio fertilizer that may be used in paddy fields and similar cultivation to avoid harsh chemical fertilizers that destroy the soil.

Can you give examples of biofertilizer?

nitrogen fixing bacteria , phosphate

What do you called the blue green algae that lives the azolla?

Anabaena azollae is the cyanobacterium that lives in the dorsal lobe of the Azolla leaves

Why Azolla is considered a natural fertilizer?

azolla is a good substitute for commercial fertilizers because it is cheap and rich in nitrogen

Anabaena and Azolla relationship?


Which symbiotic nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium lives in the association with Azolla?