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molecular is covalent, made of nonmetals. ionic is made of one metal one non metal, one positive one negative.

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A molecule is a combination of two or more atoms e.g. 2 Hydrogen atoms & 1 oxygen atom = H20/ water. An atom is a single element. Atomic structure has nothing to do with it whatsoever.

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how to classify the atoms and molecules

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Q: How do you classify if an element is atomic or molecular?
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Is carbon a molecular or atomic element?


Is atomic oxygen as molecular compound?

oxygen is an element not a molecular compound as a molecular compounds are chemically combined and are of more then one element.

Is nitogren a atomic or molecular element?

Nitrogen has a diatomic molecule (N2).

Which property did Mendeleev primarily use to classify the element?

to classify the elements mendeleev arranged the elements in increasing order of their atomic mass

Is mercury a molecular element?

No. It is a Atomic element because it exist in nature with single atoms as their basic unit.

Is silicon tetrafluoride and atomic element molecular element or an ionic compound?

SiF4 is a polar covalent compound

Is S(s) is ionic or molecular and atomic solid?

Sulfur is a chemical element.

How would you classify two substances with the same atomic numbers?

they are made up of the same element.

What does the atomic mass of an element measure?

Atomic mass of an element measures the mass of that element on a molecular scale, taking into account neutrons and protons, which weigh approximately 1. Electrons are negated. Atomic mass is also the mass, in grams, of 1 mole of that element.

What is the Molecular mass of aluminum?

Aluminum is a metallic element. It doesn't form molecules. Its atomic mass is 27u.

What are atoms with the same atomic number but different mass called?

Atoms with the same atomic number are all atoms of the same element. However, if the atoms have different molecular weights, they are isotopes of the same element.

What is the atomic number for ammonium sulfate?

ammonium sulfate is a compound not an element and therefore has no atomic number. Perhaps you were thinking of molecular weight. But that is a totally different concept.