How do you prepare 6 molar urea?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mol. Wt 60.0

So 60.0 gm in 1L is 1M

60*6= 360gm in 1L is 6M urea

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Q: How do you prepare 6 molar urea?
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What is boiling point of 1 molar urea solution?


What is the mass of one mole of urea (CN2H4O)?

Urea is an organic compound. Its chemical formula is CO parenthesis NH2 and 2 on the outside. The molar mass is 60.06 grams per mol.

How to prepare 2 liter of 5.5 molar HCL?


How do you prepare trifluoroperacetic acid?

by urea hydrogen peroxide reaction with tri fluro acetic anhydride

How you would make a 0.5 molar solution of urea with a final solution volume of 0.5 liter.?

Dissolve 15,015 g urea in 0,5 L demineralzed water; work with a thermostat at 20 oC and a volumetric flak.

Why you can use 4.9035 g K2Cr2O7 to prepare 0.1 n solution?

The equivalent of potassium dichromate is the molar mass/6: 294,1846/6=49,307666. For a 0,1 N solution: 49,30766/10 = 4,93076 g

How do you make 1L OF 1M OF UREA?

The chemical formula of the urea is CH4N2O. The atomic mass of Carbon is 12. That of hydrogen is 1*4. That of nitrogen is 14 * 2. That of oxygen is 16. So total atomic mass of urea comes to be 60. So you have to add 60 grams of urea to one liter of the water to make one molar solution.

Can you prepare 1 liter of a .5-molar glucose solution?

The formula is C6H12O6 which is 180g/mole. Divide that in half for 90g in one liter of water for a 0.5 molar solution

How do you prepare the molar solution of K2Cr2O7?

Dissolve 294,185 g of potassium dichromate in 1L demineralized water.

How to prepare 6 molar hcl?

Add 200 mL concentrated (12 M) hydrochloric acid to 200 mL distilled water while stirring. CAUTION: Never add water to acid.

How do you prepare a 2 molar salicylic acid solution?

take 276 gm of salicylic acid in 1000 ml water to prepare 2M solution of the salicylic acid.

A chemist dissolved 15.0g of urea, NH2CONH2, in 200mL of water in a styrofoam calorimeter. A temperature change from 25.0°C to 17.2°C is measured. Calculate the MOLAR ENTHALPY of solution for the UREA?

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