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Verify given sequence in ap

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Q: How do you verify that a given sequence is an AP by paper cutting and pasting method?
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You can verify section formula by graphical method if you cannot solve it using algebra.

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Is sequence 3 9 91 6561 A arithmetic B geometric or c neither?

To check whether it is an arithmetic sequence, verify whether the difference between two consecutive numbers is always the same.To check whether it is a geometric sequence, verify whether the ratio between two consecutive numbers is always the same.

What is the name of the method of inquiry that includes carefully conducted experiments and mathematical calculations to verify the results of experiments?

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Evidence is data from an experiment which is used to verify or reject the original hypothesis in the conclusion. Evidence is gathered through the scientific method.

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Verify that the power is turned off before any work is started on electrical projects.

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In an Ethernet frame, FCS stands for "Frame Check Sequence". It is a four-octet field used to verify that the frame was received without loss or error. The method used for verification is known as a Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC).

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We do experiments to find answers to questions, to verify the validity of an answer, to lean how things work and in the scientific method to check if a hypothesis is correct.

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