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The reaction with chlorine is:
2 KBr + Cl2 = 2 KCl + Br2

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Q: How does potassium bromide react with other elements?
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How will potassium bromide react with other elements?

An example is:KBr + Cl2 = KCl + Br2

Does astatine react with potassium bromide?

No, it shall no react

What is the word equation for the reaction bromine and potassium iodide?

Bromine and Potassium iodide react to form Potassium bromide and Iodine.

Will chlorine and potassium bromide react?

yes yes

Why doesn't potassium bromide react with iodine?

because it is gay

Is potassium stable metal that does not react readilyto other elements?

No, potassium is an extremely reactive metal that reacts very easily with other elements.

How many grams of bromine will be required to react with 35.23 g of potassium for complete conversion to potassium bromide?


Does potassium reacts positive with all other elements?

Potassium does not react at all with some elements such as helium, but when it reacts, it always forms a positive ion.

What elements that don't react with other elements?

Potassium will react vigorously of violently with many nonmetals.

Which groups on the periodic table react with potassium?

Potassium would strongly react with the elements in group 17 and group 16.

Why would potassium react to group 17 elements in the periodic table?

Potassium is a metal, and it would react to group 17 (7A) because those elements are nonmetals.

What does potassium sodium cesium rubidium hydrogen francium react to?

Alkali metals are very reactive and can react with the majority of other nonmetal elements.