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The bond in O2 is a double bond, meaning two pairs of electrons are shared between two atoms. Double bonds are shorter than single bonds because of the second electron pairs presence over the single bond. This pulls the atoms closer together.

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O2 has 1 double bond (O=O). O3 has a single and a double bond (O=O-O and O-O=O). So, in ozone, you have resonance structures, and the average bond is 1.5. The bond order for O2 is 2 and the bond order for O3 is 1.5. So, bond length for O2 is longer than that in O3.

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The bond lengths in ozone (O3) is 1,28 Å.
The bond length in oxygen (O2) is 1,21 Å.

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Q: How does the bond length between the oxygen atoms in an ozone molecule compare to the bond lengths of oxygen-oxygen single and double bonds Explain?
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